Sunday, July 7, 2013

Paris Mountain

It's been raining every day and rarely climbing above 83 degrees. Mostly we get storms in the afternoons, huge dark clouds rolling in over the backyard. There's a sudden drop in temperature and the rain pelts down, killing our garden.

I love the excitement of a good summer storm. But every day??

So yesterday, we decided to go out anyway. Yeah, the sky was dark, but the forecast assured us we had until 5pm eastern time to seek shelter in an interior room.

We went to Paris Mountain State Park and walked around Lake Placid. It was great to get out. We took off our shoes and hiked. The kids were troopers; We didn't have to carry them at all! And it was nice out the whole time.

Hiking with kids means examining every little thing. 
Bea had to stop and let her dress dry out a little.
Ambrose is still getting used to diaper free living. He needed to rinse off...
Such a pretty trail.
Dead snake. Yeah, a second later Bea picked it up.
Hiking in style.
Everyone who passed us seemed disturbed by our lack of shoes. It was ok though. We didn't see any needles.


  1. I heard some kids whispering "they're barefoot" to their mama as we passed them.

    1. Also, you can see kazoos in most of the pics of our son!