Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Minty Goodness

So yesterday, I posted a vintage find in this on trend color. Now I am back to show you what I actually wore to school yesterday. It was the perfect weather for this two-piece set. Sunny in the 80s. I wore the vest for awhile, then served summer realness in the dress alone. I wore my brown leather sandals, not the red flats shown. No accessories, as usual. I'm showing you the dress with and without the vest.
The little button details really make this special, I think. Something about it just charms me. Maybe because there are pictures of my mom when I was a baby walking along a country dirt road with Aunt Stephanie and one or both of them wear dresses like this.

At school, people asked if I had made it and said it was crazy. I told them that people used to wear these. My teacher even backed me up.

I took these pictures with James when I planned on adding this dress to my shop. But by the time we were done with the pictures, I knew it was a keeper :)


  1. Both shapes are excellent, I wouldn't know which one to pick! I am also a sucker for surprise buttons :)

  2. should wear that every day. It's the perfect dress. Perfect. SO JEALOUS!