Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Wore :: Mint and Purple

sweater :: thrifted
shorts :: thrifted
socks :: happy socks
shoes :: thrifted

Wanna know why my face is so blurry in that last picture? I totally lost the connecting device for my camera's remote! What?! I know, I just got it and all, but it's gone. Gone.

This sweater pretty much only comes off to get washed. (Is this the month of mint around here or what?) I wear it with yellow jeans, plaid dress pants, shorts. Everything. What is my problem? I'm even matching my socks and sweater. I can't wait to be old --I'll fit right in!

There is kinda a lot going on around here these days. We are moving in a little over a month with a number of house projects that have to get done first. My semester in in the last stretches, just a few big projects left. Ambrose suddenly thinks he is ready to potty train. Bea is testing limits as 2/3 year olds are wont to do. AND it is still tax season and I never get to see my husband!

In one month:
tax season will be over
the semester will be almost over
we will be mostly moved
Bea will be 3
I will be about to start my new internship!
I will be able to see gym results (seriously, a recent swimsuit purchase has gotten me pretty regular with my exercise...)


  1. Oh, I shall cross all my fingers and toes for you and hope that this difficult month swooshes by in no time!

  2. haha I thought you were trying to be like Elycia with a blurry last photo lol

    1. Haha, Emma! But I think she usually does a jumping picture or with one of her cats for her last outfit pic....

    2. well she has an outfit post that she does end with a blurry pic((: thats y I said that

  3. HOW DID YOU MAKE YOURSELF FLOAT???? And why didn't we do that for our photo shoot? lol

  4. Those shorts are pretty great! And I really love the color combination, very adorable! Cute blog and layout.

    Little Lady Little City