Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Proud Jane

I found this doll at Miracle Hill the other day and thought she looked so proud. I fet bad for her all disheveled and yellowed. At least she was high in a shelf where kids couldn't get to her in her wedding gown. She was $2.50. I brought her home and named her Jane and gave her to Beatrice with a new outfit. She is from 1965.

When I was little I loved dolls. I had Sarah and Pete. Sarah had blonde hair that was actually pretty disgusting, but I didn't mind. She was beautiful. Pete was cute... until he got lost in the woods for a year. When I found him he was black with mildew and had to soak in bleach. I still have him. Nobody else could love him because he still looks like he has a dread disease.

I found another vintage doll recently. He has choppy, bleached looking hair that greatly resembles Sharon Needle's boy persona:


  1. Jane looks a lot like you! :)

  2. I can't believe you found your doll after he'd been lost for a year! That's amazing!

    I love Proud Jane's little toes in her little socks.

    1. My brother had tied him up in the top of a tree. It was horrible. I think he may even have told me when the year was up where I would find my doll.