Saturday, April 6, 2013

Does This Come in English?

I want to make more clothes, but pattern making takes trial and error which takes time. So I was checking out some pretty awesome pattern books. Check this stuff out:

I love these really simple, layer-able looks with great details. And I love that these books have 16-30 patterns for so few dollars. But this girl doesn't know Japanese (which came as a great shock to a number of elitist patrons at my former job O.o )

So two options present themselves to me now: 1. Put off pattern making until Summer Break or 2. Work extra hard and spend less time on distracting social media rabbit holes to make time to sew.

Or I suppose a combination plate of less social media with a side of planning for Summer Break.

From any way I come at it, though, an eccentric wardrobe and myfutureself are inextricably connected and will one day meet.


  1. I saw a few Japanese tourists in the supermarket today and loved their fashion. Very similar to these. Seems so simple but is probably not to make it look so tidy yet carefree.

    1. Yeah, to make it look so effortless I need patterns. I like to sew in a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda way, but this stuff takes craftsmanship.