Saturday, April 27, 2013

Outside Family

I know it is exam week. I know I have studying to do and projects that are still unfinished. But weekends are for being outside and planting things, not sitting inside making my head spin with deadlines.

It was overcast today and drizzly. Cool and green. We planted a tree and prepped for summer gardening. I can't wait for some cherry tomatoes.

(James was in some pictures too, but I have to get him to OK them before I post them. Just being polite and all. :) If you think Amby looks mad in these, you are right. We were unable to figure out exactly what he wanted, but his muddy mocassins bothered him a lot. Maybe that's all it was. 


  1. Is that Amby's favorite little corner of the yard? It seems like the perfect place for a secret hideout, perfect for digging for worms and getting some shade on hot days. We had a little place like that in our yard when I was young. My favorite book was The Secret Garden, so I would pretend it was my secret garden.

    1. Amby loves that corner. I think it is his safe place because I don't like to follow him there. Too many bees.