Thursday, April 11, 2013

Navy Blue Come Up with Doily Collar

The really terrible thing about Macklemore is how picked over the thriftstores are these days. It's always been a challenge to find "come ups" around here, as most of the donations seem to come from Bob Jones University's teachers' housewives. But now, it's real slim pickins.

I went to the next county to find this. I had to fight an old lady for it. Totally worth it. Yes.

I make a point of not buying new clothes for myself or my family. Our society consumes and wastes so very much. I think that if clothing manufacture came to a grinding halt, we'd still have enough clothes to spread around for decades.

The Market tells us we need the new, the latest, the trendingest looks. And we buy into it. We get clothes at the mall, at brand stores, paying enough to feed a family of four for a week to get a pair of jeans. But where do our clothes come from? Who weaves the fabric? How is it sourced? What about the packaging? What about the advertising? Is it ethical, is it honest? Are you wearing the fruit of sweatshop labor? Clothes lose their beauty when they are derived from hurt and injustice. (Gandhi's wife said something like that, but I can't remember or find the quote.)

Anyway, fashion is a hobby of mine. I like dressing up and having fun with clothes. It is a form of expression for a creative person. But it takes thought and consideration to do it right. I shop conservatively (sales! trades!) and do my best to shop ethically.

And I didn't really fight an old lady for this. We both admired it, but she finally confessed that she already has one like in burgundy, which is more becoming on her than navy.

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