Monday, January 23, 2012

Personal Style: Updating Your Closet

It takes time to make your wardrobe truly personal. It takes replacing pieces one by one until everything you wear, everything you own represents who you are.

We all have things that don't work for us in our wardrobes and we all need to do ourselves a favor and replace them. Don't you despise staring into your closet and seeing nothing you want to wear, then going to the dresser and it's the same story?

For most people the idea of replacing everything we don't like with stuff we do like is dauntingly expensive. So don't do it all at once. It may take a year or more to replace everything, but it's just an ongoing project.

Tips for Updating Your Closet:

1. Have a clear mental picture of what your ideal wardrobe would look like. I find it helpful to a have an inspiration source for my style. I used to just have a folder on my computer. Now- Pinterest!!! I love it because I can click through to the source of anything I like. That is so handy!(Email me if you need a pinterest invite because I have a few.)

2. Decide on a number of versatile garments that can translate into many looks. The perfect jean, the bold blazer, the little black dress. I have chunky, button-down sweaters (from Old Navy) in bright colors that I wear with different outfits at least every other day. See?

3. Have a list of what you need on-hand when you go shopping. Even if the list is in your head. Once you pitch those things you never wear or that just don't express you anymore, there are literal gaps in your closet. Put some thought into exactly what you want/need and let the hunt begin!

4. Replace the things you HATE right away. Find a trash bag and donate it today. Today. That khaki dress that's been hanging in my closet for a year and half- never worn- I'm taking my own advice and letting it go.
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  1. I think the important thing is to that it's a transition, so it takes time. You can't expect to change your whole style overnight!

  2. I thoroughly enjoy clearing out my wardrobe, and I do it fairly regularly! I'm not even much of a shopper -I don't get rid of thigns to make room for new things - but anything that I find myself consistently skipping past in my wardrobe, or pulling a face when I pull it out of a drawer - off it goes!